Natural Moonstone Gemstone Beads Stretch Bracelet Healing Reiki

  • $10.55

Brand new High Quality Natural Moonstone Stretchy Bracelet in smooth round shape with milky white and rainbow flash color. Each bracelet contains anywhere between 16 to 25 pieces of beads depending on the size of the bead.  For example, a 7mm bracelet contains up to 26 individual Moonstone beads and a 14mm bracelet contains up to 16 beads.

  • Condition: High Quality Brand New Natural Gemstone
  • Selling Quantity: One Bracelet
  • Bead Size to Choose From: 7mm approx. 25-26pcs, 8mm approx. 23-24pcs, 9mm approx. 21-22pcs, 10mm approx. 19-20pcs, 11mm approx. 18-19pcs, 12mm approx. 16-17pcs, 13mm approx. 15-16pcs, 14mm approx. 15-16pcs
  • Shape: Smooth Round Diameter: 7,8,9,10,11,12,13, & 14mm & Length (Approx.) :7.5''
  • Bracelet Style: Stretchy Bracelet